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Q. What is the all-on -4 treatment concept?

A. All-on-4 treatment concept is the name given to an efficient method that uses 4 dental implants in the lower jaw or upper jaw region to hold replacement teeth set in place. Dental implants secure not only for a substitute tooth, but additionally create a replacement root connecting your jaw bone. With this action, a long term and permanent solution can be sustained, which promote a strong and sturdy support.

Q. How is the all-one-4 treatment concept different from denture?

A. This treatment comes with the following benefits unlike the denture wearers:

  • A permanent-looking set of teeth with a natural feel
  • A permanent set of teeth that stay in place without falling off.
  • An uncovered palate that allows better taste during meals
  • A stable bite force that encourages wearers to eat and enjoy any kind of meal.
  • Less sagging in the mouth areas that have a tendency to make the patients look older.
  • Bye-bye to cream, adhesive or nightly removal
  • Absent of score spot or gagging

Q. Will I feel pain during this procedure?

A. This treatment concept was designed with less pain in mind. The dentist will offer a local anesthetic or sedative as the case may be, then a minimal swelling and soreness occurs. Most patients become surprise at the little pain that comes through and how quickly they recover. You may return to work in about 2-3 days, while some return the next day.

Q. How long does the treatment last?

A. It normally takes a day after the initial consultation to be able to say goodbye to your old removable denture. This has become possible because of the strategic positioning of your dental implants, which usually makes potential, complicated surgery unnecessary. Additionally, there would be a couple of follow up appointments.

Q. How long is the recovery period?

A. Patients are often surprised at how little pain they feel and how quickly they recover. Two to three days is usually recommended to relax and adjust to your new smile before returning to work, however, many patients feel fine and return to work the next day.

Q. Will I have a naturally-looking result?

A. Yes! Dr. Obliraj and his team in Classic Dental are highly trained specialists and will work with you to make ideal replacement teeth possible—in shape and shade. This will be virtually indistinguishable from natural-healthy teeth. We also take away moulds in a careful manner, off the natural contour of the jaw that fits properly.

Q. What is the success rate of the All-on-4 Treatment Concept?

A. There has been a remarkable success rate over the years, based on the positive testimonies of our clients and the scientific proven effectiveness that stands at 93.8%.