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Cheap Braces in New Zealand

Cheap braces in New Zealand

We have been providing patients with aesthetic teeth whitening solutions from the past many years and helping them restore their lovely smile and gain confidence. Nowadays, discolouration in teeth has become a common problem for most of the people. Due to the excessive acidic food and drinks such as orange, weakens the enamel resulting in the weakening of the teeth and leaving stains. Due to our ever changing eating and drinking habits people nowadays are more vulnerable to weaknesses in teeth in turn affecting their personal as well as professional life. Tooth whitening is the underlying aspect and must be paid attention to, if you want to get back your lost smile. We have made it possible to improve the condition and look of the teeth by using the advanced dental technology. The use of crown or veneers are the safe alternative to enhance the beauty of your face, it is simple and quite effective. At Classics Dental, to get the instant results, we offer two types of professional tooth whitening in Auckland; depending on your needs.

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At Classics Dental, we offer a variety of braces for everyone, be it adult or children. It is suitable for everyone and effectively helps achieve a bright and
beautiful smile. Braces prove to be beneficial, durable and precise. Post treatment, your fixed braces are taken off followed by teeth polishing and
cement removal. After the braces are removed, you always need the help of retainers to hold your teeth in the new position. Fixed retainers are provided with small wires that are stuck to the inside surface of your front teeth.
At Classics Dental we understand the significance of a heartfelt smile. We know it is precious and everyone deserves it. Try out our treatment to bring a
confident and beautiful smile using our affordable braces.