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Braces FAQ’s

Q. What happens when I wear my braces?

A. We will discuss the details of your consultation so you know exactly what to expect, but for now, we are dealing with the basics. The painless process takes about 45 minutes to an hour. First, Dr. Obliraj polishes your teeth and paint on a solution to prime them for the bonding glue. He later applies the glue and sticks it on your brackets. Finally, he slides your arch wire. We use advanced technology involves self-ligating braces which don’t utilize ties. We’ll tell you how to take good care of your braces and you’ll be en route to an impeccable smile.

Q. What happens when I get my braces removed?

A. Dr. Obliraj uses special tools to delicately loosen and evacuate the brackets and wires. He scrapes the glue and brushes your teeth so that they are smooth and ready to show off. You can now check out your new smile.

Q. Am I too old for braces?

A. Of course not! A good number of our patients are older than 21. Not only can braces align your bite and increases your self-confidence, straightening your teeth can significantly improve your oral health. Adults are usually the best candidates for aesthetic choices, such as ceramic braces and Invisalign, so the treatment can be discreet.

Q. How much do braces cost?

A. The price tag for braces treatment varies depending on the severity of your case, how long the treatment will lasts and the type of braces you intend to go for. We want to make treatment readily affordable, so we approach each case in a conservative manner. During your consultation, we’ll discuss the costs and we are always open, so you never have to worry about hidden costs

Q. How long do I need to wear them?

A. Depending on your specific orthodontic problem and how serious it is, including the types of braces you go for, all of these will have a bearing on the overall treatment. Generally, patients should be in braces for 12 to 30 months.

Q. How long do I need to brush my teeth wearing braces?

A. We recommend the brushing your teeth at least four times a day (after breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bedtime).

Q. Will I feel pain when wearing braces?

A. You should never feel real pain while wearing braces. However, if you do, please call us immediately. When you first put on your braces and after adjustments, your teeth may feel a bit sensitive. This mild discomfort is easily controlled with over-the-counter painkillers and it disappears within a few days.